I am so excited to announce the relaunch of this project of the "Hawk moon Visions" podcast. I am working diligently on new material and I have a lot of exciting new things to share over the coming months. It is all about psychic stuff and the paranormal, you know that stuff that gives you goosebumps. 

Episode 3: Aliens, Disclosure, & the Zombie Culture 

   In this episode we have a lighthearted and slightly serious discussion about aliens and the implications of disclosure, as well as some of the cosmic insanity circulating in culture related to the this topic. I also share a deeply personal…

Episode 2: The Hawk & The Lioness 

   This episode of the podcast my lovely wife Gina, the lioness, joins me to talk love and relationships. This is a short episode but we cover some good ground so if your love life needs a boost.....we're here for you…

Episode 1: Waking Up 

In this episode I talk about my experiences with "Waking Up" to my own psychic abilities and introduce myself as your host. This episode is a few years old and is the episode that launched it all. It begins and…

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