Matt Buchanan

Matt Buchanan

   Matt is a natural born psychic empath and professional Spiritual Advisor with clients around the world from all walks of life. He has delivered readings in person,  around the web on major platforms, and on prominent apps in the Google play store for many years where he is a Top Rated Advisor with nearly 4,000 positive reviews.

   His birth name is Matt Buchanan, but he took the name Beowulf as a Reader after a long fight with Lyme disease because the name symbolized overcoming and the hero's quest. He is a first generation out of the woods child of Appalachia of Scottish/Native American descent, and a lifelong seeker of mysteries and esoteric knowledge. He has a lifetime background in Esoteric Runic Studies, Hermetic Philosphy, and Tarot.

   His readings are delivered with insight and clarity and a gentle heart, free of judgment, with a forward and direct approach. He speaks with poetic license and deep insight, and this is his gift! He is a visual storyteller with a unique and detailed reading style that leaves his clients with hope, a sense of purpose and direction, and the feeling of spiritual renewal when facing life's toughest moments and obstacles.

* Specializing in Life Path, Spirit Path, and Love & Relationship readings

* No past life or mediumship readings

* No pregnancy, legal, or medical readings