Hawk Moon Visions is the home of Spiritual Advisor Matt Buchanan and his lovely wife Gina who is also an Intuitive Advisor and Life Coach. It is also the home of the Hawk Moon visions podcast! You can also find the podcast in every major platform Itunes, Iheart, Spotify, Spreaker and on and on. We provide Spiritual Readings, sometimes employing the tools of Tarot, Runes, and oracles, and also Intuitive life and relationship coaching. We work with our own individual clients with our readings, and we both have our own unique style.

   The meaning behind the Hawk (March) Moon is found in the concept of transitioning from darkness into light. Some of life's toughest challenges are incredible catalysts for transformation, even though they come through suffering. The true lessons we are looking around for in the dark will also be found there in the dark, after this, they are born into the light. We as individuals must transform them into meaningful experiences that bring about positive growth and change.

   We are very down to earth in our approach, and we do not bog our readings down with metaphysical obscurities or archaic language.  We are kind and gentle, very direct, and completely nonjudgmental, so feel free to relax into your session knowing that you are dwelling in a complete space of Divine Love. We care about our clients and the quality of our work, and only succeed if you succeed in finding not only your answers, but a whole new perspective on life and turn challenge into change. 


Matt Buchanan (Beowulf)

Spiritual Advisor

Matt is a professional Spiritual Advisor with clients around the world from all walks of life. He has delivered readings in person,  around the web on major platforms, and on prominent apps in the Google play store. His birth name is Matt Buchanan, but he took the name Beowulf as a Reader after a long fight with Lyme disease because the name symbolized overcoming and the hero's quest. He is a first generation out of the woods child of Appalachia of Scottish/Native American descent, and a lifelong seeker of mysteries and esoteric knowledge. He has a lifetime background in Esoteric Runic Studies and Hermetic Philosophy with countless thousands of hours delivering readings both live and around the web. He is a natural born intuitive empath and energy reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church. His readings are delivered with insight and clarity and a gentle heart, free of judgment, with a forward and direct approach. Matt is also an awarded songwriter and solo performer that traveled up and down the East coast of the U.S. for many years performing his enchanting music at festivals, and in private atmospheres. Matt is also Top Ranked and Top Accuracy on two prominent apps in the Ios and Android stores with almost 4,000 positive reviews in just two years.

   His gifts began manifesting at the early age of nine years old, and the other children would often see spirits around him. He received his gift through his mother who also has the "sight", a term used by hill folk to describe prophetic gifts and clairvoyance. His gifts are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, but the clairvoyance mostly manifests in dreams. His reading style is gentle, kind, and nonjudgmental. He speaks with poetic license and deep insight, and this is his gift! He is a visual storyteller with a unique and detailed reading style that leaves his clients with hope, a sense of purpose and direction, and the feeling of spiritual renewal when facing life's toughest moments and obstacles.

Gina Buchanan

Intuitive Advisor

Regina Buchanan is a professional Intuitive Advisor providing intuitive and empathic readings in her private practice and around the web, as well as on prominent apps in the Google Play store. She is also a Spiritual Life Coach working one on one with clients around the world to awaken, find their life and spiritual purpose, and live their highest good. She was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta and her readings are colored by her lovely Southern Belle charm. Her Reading sessions are delivered with compassion and detail, with a gentle nonjudgmental heart. She is a gifted intuitive with a sincere desire to guide her clients to a better life that manifests their highest good. She has traveled up and down the East coast and brought her charm to festivals, fires, and groves bringing laughter and spiritual insight to all that meet her. She also reads on prominent apps in the Ios and Android stores where she has over 400 positive reviews and has been staff pick three times in just one year!

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