“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.””

— Terence Mckenna


    Welcome to Hawk Moon Visions! This place is a sacred space where Spiritual Readings, and Intuitive relationship and life coaching are offered to those seeking answers and guidance. These services are provided by Matt and Gina Buchanan  who are both professional Advisors with a lifetime of experience helping clients from around the world, in all walks of life, to live a better life. As professional Advisors with many years of experience, we value the work that we do with each and every client. We want to provide you with the best experience at an affordable rate. Take some time to look around the site and get to know what we have to offer. 


You are amazing, honest and kind and always explaining what everything means. Also so patient. I appreciate everything you do. Not just an intuitive but a guide. A person with an amazing understanding of people and relationships.” - Kelly Whitaker
Thank you so much, such a wonderful soul. He gives such great counsel and confidence. Always genuine and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Lisa Ann Walker
Amazing life path reading with so so much detail. Spot on with everything. He is my go to and I highly recommend him.” - Emily Marzetti
He is always really good, straightforward and direct. His honesty and compassion always warms my heart. He also flows quickly and naturally” - Shirley Hillman
He is the only one I will go to. He is precise and direct and always honest. He connects with Spirit in such a compassionate way. Love you Matt!!!” - Michelle Bradley
One of the best readers. Absolutely on point every time. Down to earth and gentle. I am grateful that I found him. He is amazing!!!” - Winona Radcliffe
I cannot say enough how much I appreciate having him as a guide on my life path. He always listens with such compassion. He never judges no matter the situation. I feel like I can tell him anything and he always radiates such kindness and love. He is also very poetic when he speaks, something I have not experienced with any other reader. He is not just an Advisor to me, but a trusted friend.” - Angel Rivas

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